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Alcohol $ Sales for all Texas Bars & Restaurants

Comprehensive Reports

Alcohol Receipts and Top 150 Mixed Beverage Permitees reports lets you see the highest alcohol sellers + monthly and annual growth in the area.

Point-and-Click Interface

Easily usable with any browser, from any computer, at any time. Mobile responsive.

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Alcohol Sales

See the alcohol sales in every bar, nightclub, and restaurant in Texas.

Simple Excel Exports

Single click Excel reporting allows you to easily further filter any report.

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Alcohol Sales Data for Every Bar & Restaurant in Texas

Searching through thousands of records is simple and easy with Lite. Use the system to view mixed beverage reports for more than 14,000+ establishments across the great state of Texas. Data is updated monthly and subscribers receive an e-mail notice each month when new data is available. Export to Excel with one click. The Top 150 Mixed Beverage Permitees provides you with the month's highest alcohol sellers. Plus the Alcohol Receipts are available by county, city, and zip to get a detailed look into each establishment in the area.

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