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The total package for your on-premise needs in Texas.

Search by Product

Identify the top accounts for your product and drill down by unique SKU's to see where they could be doing better.

Drill Down to Accounts

Search for specific accounts or filter by county, city, or zip. See the top regions for your brands + demographic information.


Excel & Graphs

All reports are fully exportable to Excel and data can be further manipulated. Our custom graphs allow you to visualize the data in a way that allows you to see the entire marketplace in one glance.

Analyze History & Trends

Access historical data back to 2021. See a month to month comparison of your products at specific accounts. Gain valuable insights into your sales data for better understanding and forecasting.

An Integral tool for the Texas on-premise alcohol market

Contains 3 data sets: Brand, Marketslice, and Consumer Spend

Monthly Data Analysis

Our interface is designed for local reps to use as monthly evaluations of your brands shipments into the on-premise for sales and market evaluations.

Customize Groups

Create custom groups to meet your needs and easily track your brands in specific accounts.

Interactive and Exportable Graphs

Visualize your data with our comprehensive graphs. Easily compare your brands to the market as whole.

Location Based Data for Mobile Users

Mobile compatible and designed to use when out in the field. No need to ever walk into an account blind.

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