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The Company and People Behind yDrink

yDrink is the only all-in-one platform for Texas On- Premise Spirit, Wine, & Beer Sales. We help people be more competitive in the alcohol industry. On top of that we're the only independent 3rd party platform gathering data on the entire market. The things we build have set a new standard in the alcohol world. We're a small group embracing technology and relationships to make a huge impact in the beverage industry.

Since 2005 we have been providing solutions in partnerships and collaboration with all sides and tiers of the Texas four-tier system that regulates our industry. We are proud of the support and to support the many customers and associations who we've had the pelasure to work with throughout the years.

Key Milestones in our 12+ Years

The Standard in Texas On-Premise

Boasting both some of the largest and smallest suppliers and distributors in the Spirits industry, our data tools track and capture more than 95% of total spirit volume in the Texas on-premise.

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Measuring brands in the On-Premise

We pioneered the first comprehensive & accurate system that was brought to market for the purpose of tracking on-premise spirit shipments in the fragmented Texas on-premise industry.

Volume Tracking

Our humble beginings

The company started as a one man operation with one service line (yDrink Lite) providing gross alcoholic beverage sales for all Texas accounts. From its humble beginnings the company achieved the endorsement of the Texas Restaurant Association as their chief researchers. From this position it was able to liaison with the industry and state offices to solve need upon need for the on-premise alcohol trade.


Our Team

Amir Arad - VP of Sales

Amir Arad

VP of Sales

Amir joined the team after spending years with a Texas craft whiskey company. He moved back to Austin determined to keep it weird and evangelize the beverage industry. Amir loves showing people how to leverage yDrink data into step by step sales and marketing goals.

Yoed Anise - President

Yoed Anise

President & Lead Developer

He entered the world of alcohol hoping to open a bar with his brother. Searching for reliable data on alcohol - he couldn’t find any. Thus, yDrink was born. He sought to create a data system that would track alcohol sales everywhere libations where consumed. Yoed’s free time is spent traveling, and on the running trails and swimming holes around Austin.

Chandler Thompson - Director of Data

Chandler Thompson

Director of Data

Chandler is one of the original developers of yDrink. He found his way to yDrink after spending years in the E-Commerce industry. He has a love for all things data and whiskey. His knack for both, keep yDrink the most competitive source for data in Texas.

Gary Moore - Sales Associate

Gary Moore

Sales Associate

Gary is an Associate at yDrink, with a full life in the alcohol industry. As the owner of a Texas alcohol marketing company, he has reaped huge benefits with the power of yDrink. When he’s not catching suppliers inland, you can find him catching the big one on Lake Travis.

Hillary Molinar - Customer Integration Manager

Hillary Molinar

Customer Integration Manager

Hillary came to yDrink after working at several of the top tech companies in the country. She works behind the scenes to keep the data and spirits flowing. Although not an Austin local, her love of all things food has led her to become the office guru on where to eat. She is also the resident “Bottle Counter.”

Street Cred

"Makes my day-to-day planning possible,without it I would be flying blind."
Deep Eddy Vodka
"It simply changed the way we run our on-premise business for the better."
Favorite Brands Distribution
"yDrink has made my job easier and more stream lined.The data provided is extremely accurate and the staff incredibly responsive!"
Pepe Z Tequila

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