2019 – A Margarita at Every Texas Bar

6 January 2020, Austin, Texas: As we close out 2019, yDrink analyzed Texas on-premise trends for the year.

2019 was a bumper year for the Texas on-premise trade, particularly in regard to Spirit products. More than 16,000 on-premise accounts sold over $4 billion of Spirit and mixed drinks to Texas consumers during 2019. The channel saw total accounts grow by 3.5% over the previous year. Wine & Beer sales dollar gains were in line with new account growth; whereas Spirit & mixed drink sales dollars in the channel grew 8.5% over the last year.

yDrink obtains shipment data from key local distributors that share their data on a weekly basis. The following analysis was done using information from these local distributors. This subset represents more than half of all on-premise accounts in the state, and nearly ¾ of the channel’s case volume.

Tequila remained the most consumed spirit in the channel in 2019 and continued to gain share over other categories. In 2019, one of every four bottles purchased by Texas bars, restaurants, and hotels was a bottle of Tequila. Nearly every on-premise account in the state of Texas purchased Tequila last year. Two out of 1000 on-premise accounts did not purchase Tequila. In comparison, in 2019, twelve out of 1000 accounts did not purchase Vodka, and thirteen out of 1000 didn’t purchase any Whiskey. Tequila, and Margaritas are literally everywhere you turn in Texas restaurants and bars.

We continued to see growth in Premium priced Spirits over Value products. Value and Mid-range products lost share while Premium and Super Premium products saw volume growth increases of 9% and 15%. Increases in these price tiers came from large movement toward higher end Tequila, Asian, Bourbon and Rye Whiskey, Gin, and Cognac products.

2019 was an incredible year for Texas bars and restaurants. Cheers to an even greater 2020!

yDrink is an Austin based beverage data company that has been reporting the Texas beverage alcohol industry for 15 years. yDrink offers account level data for every outlet in Texas selling spirits with comprehensive shipment and market data for products and their competitive sets.

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